Shave Ice Snow cone Van

Shave ice van with Hybrid electric system

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Technical Details:


Shave ice van with Hybrid electric system
This shave ice van come with two electric system
A quite generator that mount inside with sound proof compartment
And power inverter battery operated
With a transfer switch that will automatically switch batwing the electric system
Also have the ability to be plug to electric source 120V with a drop cord
Van includes :
High top 76” high
Serving window
TV monitor display out side but mount inside the van and protected with glass
Sound system
A/C Unit
Diamond plate floor ,Walls fiberglass,
Sandwich prep cooler for topping
Freezer 7 cu ft
Stainless steel table with drop in 3 sinks and hand sinks
Snowi 3000 120V AC shave ice machine
Complete body graphics wrap put the finishing touches

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